GDPR Compliance Checklist for (DAP) users!

DAPCast - Actionable Tips & Advice on How To Build & Grow your Membership Site by Veena Prashanth GDPR Compliance Checklist for your Membership Site! - Epsiode #16 111517
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The General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) will have a very big impact on the way marketers store, manage or process the personal data of EU citizens. Any GDPR Questions you may have about your DAP-Powered Membership Site are likely all addressed in this Episode of DAPCast! Be sure to listen to this episode to learn how to make your Membership Site GDPR-Compliant in a few simple and easy steps!

Here are the 10 Key Items that I've shared in this episode of DAPCast:

1. What are the different options available in DAP to help you get GDPR-complaint.
2. How to deal with existing members that dont have a GDPR status.
3. How you can capture GDPR compliance date.
4. How you get GDPR members to update their status in the members area.
5. How you can automatically capture GDPR status at the time of member login.
6. How you can create a GDPR terms page using a shortcode.
7. How you can update your frontend pages to be GDPR compliant.
8. What you need to say on your privacy policy page for your membership site.
9. How you can export a csv list of GDPR status and compliance details of your members.
10. How you can test GDPR options on your frontend pages if you're not from a GDPR country.

And more...

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