LMS vs Membership Plugin

"The good news is that... you dont have to choose between a membership plugin and a LMS.
You can, and ideally you should, use both, because they complement each other really well.
Leverage the power of both a LMS and a membership plugin, to create
truely powerful platform to run your online business."

-Veena Prashanth

DAPCast - Actionable Tips & Advice on How To Build & Grow your Membership Site by Veena Prashanth LMS vs Membership plugin - Episode #7 111517
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Welcome to another episode of DAP Cast - the Official DAP Podcast!  Episode #7!

I'm your host Veena Prashanth. I'm the co-creator of a Membership Plugin called DigitalAccessPass.com, fondly known as DAP. I'm also the Founder of "The Most Powerful Shopping Cart Platform for WordPress", called SmartPayCart (SPC).

Just got back from a family vacation to the Newport beach, a beautiful beach town, not too far from our home in San Diego. So I'm all energized and ready to go :). 

1. News & Announcements  

We've released a new shortcode builder for DAP that will allow you to quickly code up a page with all sorts of offers for your members, based on the products they currently own, ones they previously owned and the ones they never owned!  Take a listen to learn more about the latest from DAP, SPC and our awesome new addition to the WickedCoolPlugins family - ScarcityTimer Plugin! 

2. LMS vs Membership Plugins

In our pre-sales emails, people often ask us to explain the differences between DAP and other Learning Management Solutions (LMS), and whether DAP can be used to deliver online courses or if they would need a Learning Management Solution to do so. And if yes, whether do they even need a membership plugin.

Great question, right? I know many people are often confused about why they need to invest in a learning management solution if they just spent hundreds of dollars on a membership plugin.

There's a blurring of the boundaries between a LMS and a Membership plugin.

Take a listen to learn more about what a membership plugin can and cannot do and what questions you need to ask yourself to decide if you need a LMS.  

3. What I learnt this week

I read a great article by Ramit Sethi where he said:
"Perfectionism can be crippling".

I want to apply that to Membership Site Launches.

Don't be one of those people who constantly put off their launch because they want to finish that one last thing before launch, and when that's done, there's the next last thing and on and on... Don't overthink things.

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Bryan Gibson says November 29, 2017

Great podcast Veena! The information you presented re the difference between LMS/Membership systems was just what I wanted to hear!! You certainly do not just throw us out into the wilderness after we have bought your products Veena and I am sure everyone truly appreciates this 🙂 🙂

Great point about not seeking perfectionism too!!! Oh how guilty we are of that!! We are the living proof – we first wanted to get our membership system going THREE years ago! And bought DAP at that time. We are only now getting it all set up finally. Your exhortation was just what we needed!!!

Dan says May 1, 2018

Such good advice Veena – thank you. Perfectionism is a real double edged sword – being reminded to temper this is really essential for anyone seeking to run a successful online business.

Love the podcast – really looking forward to future LMS discussions. 🙂

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