Part 2 : Top 7 Membership Site Myths – Episode #3

Don't let these misconceptions keep you from starting a Membership Site

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Welcome to another episode of DAP Cast - the Official DAP Podcast!  Episode #3!

I'm your host Veena Prashanth. I'm the co-creator of a membership plugin called, fondly known as DAP. I'm also the proud creator of a shopping cart platform for WordPress, called SmartPayCart (SPC).

It's definitely daunting to think that you have to continually create fresh content to justify what you charge for your recurring membership and as a result those that want to start a membership site, decide to put it off for later and end up never starting one because they don't want to commit to the time and effort involved in creating ongoing content.

Unfortunately all of this is caused by misconceptions and incorrect information out there about membership sites. 

A membership site is multi-dimensional. If your product does not naturally lend itself to an ongoing recurring model, then just don't use that model. There are several other membership site models. A recurring membership is just type of membership site.

This is part 2 of a 2-part series on Membership Site Misconceptions caused by misleading information out there about membership sites that keeps people from achieving success.

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Behind-the-Scenes with Jeremy Randall

I'm hoping that real examples of membership sites will help you come up with ideas for your own membership site. Today, I've a special behind-the-scenes video for you from Jeremy Randall.

Jeremy is a member of my Facebook Group and a DAP user. Jeremy at helps people set up WordPress and keep everything running flawlessly. He often answers questions from other membership site users in my group and from his answers, I can tell that he knows a whole lot about building wordpress sites, site security, server side of things etc.


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Mike Goldwirr says October 27, 2017

Veena, Great presentation!! Good practical and honest guidance. Just what i needed. Have tried several other membership plugins, DAP is the best by far. Thanks for your excellent service. Getting ready to launch. Wish i had tried you first.

Veena says October 27, 2017

Thanks Mike :). Glad you’re enjoying the show. It’s going to keep getting better as I deep dive into the different ways to monetize membership sites, along with behind-the-scenes videos to show how to implement the concepts I share in the podcast

I’m glad that you found us and are now a part of DAP + SPC family :).

Good luck with everything.


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